Wolf Mini-Maze AFib Treatment Testimonials

Patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) from every state in the USA and the world have come to Dr. Randall Wolf for the Wolf Mini-Maze (WMM) procedure. Here are some of their testimonials.


A letter to my fellow AFib patients:

Hi, my name is Ross! I’m physically active, exercise regularly, and love to skydive. However, this has not always been the case. A few years ago, my lifestyle was significantly compromised for an extended period of time when I developed an irregular heart beat diagnosed as atrial fibrillation (AFIB). As I progressed through the stages of this disease (paroxysmal, persistent, and finally long-term persistent AFIB), I twisted myself in knots trying to identify and limit potential triggers but my efforts were futile and symptoms prevailed...

We each have a story that brought us to this junction in life. I know what AFIB patients are feeling and I’d like to share what I did to get that energetic lifestyle back. My electrophysiologist presented me with three options: (1) do nothing, (2) get on a drug treatment plan, or (3) undergo a catheter ablation procedure. I wasn’t going to do nothing so I reluctantly started the regiment of blood thinners and heart rate and rhythm drugs. But I didn’t stop there.
I’m pretty sure AFIB patients and their families would agree; in addition to the physical stress, the disease and medications also generate significant psychological and emotional stress. Determined to change the course of my life, I attended local AFIB seminars, conducted research, and found a website called StopAfib.org. This website was founded by Mellanie True Hills and offers a lot of really great information. The website gave me hope - a life raft at a time in my life when I was floundering in what felt like a dark and ferocious storm. Thank you Mellanie; for all your hard work building awareness and advocacy for patients.

Another wonderful effort Mellanie leads is an annual Get in Rhythm-Stay in Rhythm conference in Dallas, Texas. I eagerly signed up for the event, attended, and learned a lot, to include a fourth option - surgical ablation. An innovator in the AFIB treatment field, Dr Randall K. Wolf, presented his procedure called the Wolf mini-maze. I watched his presentation and met him afterwards to discuss my situation. He listened, was engaging, patient, courteous, and very knowledgeable. The procedure he described sounded logical, comprehensive, and addressed my concerns and major components of this condition in a single operation.

I eventually underwent the mini-maze procedure performed by Dr Wolf, have been AFIB-free ever since, and I’m no longer taking AFIB medications. Post-op, I can also attest to Dr Wolf’s outstanding cardiothoracic surgical skills. No surgery is a walk in the park but he and his team made this procedure as comfortable and safe as possible. My heart has now been in normal sinus rhythm for several years. Thank you, Dr. Wolf, for literally getting my life back on track. While Dr Wolf’s mini-maze procedure worked for me, I recognize it may not be appropriate for some. Every patient is unique and each is experiencing a different stage of the disease. My advice; talk to Dr Wolf and see if you’re a candidate. I find him to be very approachable, respectful, honest, and willing to share his expertise.

I’m often asked how I decided which AFIB treatment option fit me. Like many others, I was overwhelmed with all the information and eventually consolidated my notes into a decision matrix of pros and cons for each option available to me at the time. I’ve attached a copy of that matrix in case other patients would like to create a similar format based on options and information they’ve learned. In summary, be proactive, do your homework, consult with doctors and family, collaborate with other AFIB patients, list pros and cons, decide on an action plan, and then execute your plan! Ultimately, this strategy led me out of my storm.

- Ross Wroblewski

Ross sent us this video of him skydiving after his Mini-Maze procedure. He has been reinstated fo flight status after having been gounded because of AFIB.

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