On their own, Mini-Maze patients have organized and created a private Facebook Group called "Wolf Mini-Maze - Live AFib Free", which today has over 2,000 members!. Created as a forum for questions and comments, and a place to share for those who have had the Wolf Mini Maze surgery as their treatment for atrial fibrillation. It is also a group to discuss AFib, preparing for the surgery, the actual surgery, postperative care, and long term follow-up issues. It is also a support group to those who have long standing complications related to AFib.

Our objective is to post here copies of the latest opinions in the group as well as thank those who are active in this group. Patients who suffer from AFib sometimes feel alone, no one seems to listen, and the options that they receive are limited. This Facebook group is another resource.

Posted on November 28, 2023:

10.5 WMM monthsary! Travelled to Malaysia and climbed the very steep 366 Batu cave steps with no issues at all (NSR all the way). Before my surgery, probably 5-7 steps and I’ll be out of breath. A million thanks to Dr. Wolf, his staff, Sandi, and everyone here who provided all the support and answered my questions.


El Mac Tud

Note: To see the daunting 366 steps that he had to climb, hover your mouse over the image! On a phone, tap on the image...


Posted on November 14, 2023:

Sometimes all you need is a Thank You card from a patient to touch your heart and let you know that you are doing the correct thing to help them.

Thank you Carol.

Dr. Wolf


Posted on October 14, 2023:

Just realized yesterday 10/13 was my 7th month since WMM. AFib free and I almost forget what I’ve dealt with. Last week was a 5 mile hike in Davis Mountains! I went this time last year while waiting for my WMM turn and couldn’t do it and was scared with all the rocks while taking Eliquis.

So worth it! No meds now! Thank you Dr. Wolf!

Posted on September 19, 2023:

September 20, 2021 - A day I will never forget ...scared... nervous... yet determined to beat this monster called AFib.. I went into surgery at 187 beats per minute full blown atrial fibrillation! Dr Wolf told me to have no fear and he would fix the problem. I prayed and headed to surgery for WMM... I woke in normal sinus rythum... was it an easy surgery ?.. NO surgery is easy. The body has to heal and learn to adjust to the normal. I had taken blood thinners.. beta blockers... meds on top of meds and still no normal heart rate for a long time. 3 ablations. 2 cardioverts in a 3 year period and still in AFib and meds that torment the body. Wow..how I made it ... before my WMM... I dont know ... It's is now September 2023! I am in normal sinus rhythm... no meds! None at all !!!

I met with Dr. Wolf today virtual visit .. we both kept smiling as my Linq shows all is well . Many many thanks to Dr Randall Wolf and his staff...they are the best! 

A special thanks to Sandra Fezatt Schrameyer ...for help and support as well as this group. Many friends have been made... we are bound and united. I salute all and here's to many more years of NSR!

L.A. Pearce

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Posted on September 3, 2023:

"Back in West Tennessee after the procedure on 8/21/2023. Great weather today to walk the pup. We did a 1.8 mile stroll around the park and 2 lakes close to home. Still in NSR and walking average 92 BPM and 69 resting. Unbelievable how great I feel, most of soreness is gone. Good bless Dr Randell K Wolf for his dedication to change peoples lives one person at a time Best Labor Day weekend in many years."

R. Riley

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