On their own, Mini-Maze patients have organized and created a private Facebook Group called "Wolf Mini-Maze - Live AFib Free", which today has over 2,000 members!. Created as a forum for questions and comments, and a place to share for those who have had the Wolf Mini Maze surgery as their treatment for atrial fibrillation. It is also a group to discuss AFib, preparing for the surgery, the actual surgery, postperative care, and long term follow-up issues. It is also a support group to those who have long standing complications related to AFib.

Our objective is to post here copies of the latest opinions in the group as well as thank those who are active in this group. Patients who suffer from AFib sometimes feel alone, no one seems to listen, and the options that they receive are limited. This Facebook group is another resource.


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I live in Maine and am a hiker, mainly in Maine and New Hampshire. When I was diagnosed with Afib in the spring of 2021 it really interfered with my active lifestyle. After being told by a local cardiologist that I had AFib, had to take anticoagulants for life and just had to deal with it, I began my research. This led me to the amazing Dr Wolf and so began my Wolf Mini Maze journey. I had my WMM on 3/1/23 and vowed to return to hiking full in time for my one year anniversary. My daughter designed my tattoo in preparation for this milestone. I reached my goal and on 3/1/24 my daugter , son and best friend hiked Mount Willard (2800’) in Crawford Noth, NH. Heart rate was 139 at max exertion and recovered immediately when we got the summit. I am 65 years old and I am forever grateful to Dr Wolf for giving me my life back!

L. Chaisson    Click here for the original Facebook post.

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Posted on February 3, 2024:

Sporting a very important T shirt today in Barbados celebrating 2 years, no AFIB!!

Posted on February 9, 2023

Hi guys I’m 12 months post WMM. No AFib episodes since operation .. My resting heart rate is a bit high for my liking I still feel sore around the heart region where they entered during procedure and getting my fitness back is still a challenge. BUT it is nice to sip a beer or glass of wine on a weekend and not have to worry about flip flopping in and out of AFib.. Hope everyone is doing well .. greetings from Barbados.

A. Hodgkinson

"It's a NSR Thing - You wouldn't understand".  For more information on Normal Sinus Rythm, click here. Both posts have different pictures. To see the other, just hover your mouse over.

Posted on December 25, 2023:

The holidays this year remind me of going out into the woods with my grandmother to cut a Christmas tree. She's long past, but amazingly at age 92, not only did she go with me to hunt a tree, but she insisted on swinging the axe herself.

9 months post mini-maze you've given me hope (afib-free) that I can feel that good at that age to cut the tree with my family.

I cannot thank you enough for how great I feel!

Best wishes to your family this Christmas.

R. Hill


The following post is a composite of two messages:

One year ago today my hubby  became a member of the Wolf Pack. We are so grateful for a year of NSR after 2 cardioversions in one week in January of 2022. We were able to take our dream trip to Israel and visited Italy on the way. Thank you Sandy for your guidance, Houston Methodist for outstanding care, and Dr. Wolf and his staff for giving my husband (and me) our quality of life back. We’re eternally grateful. ❤️

My husband is a physician. He had been cardioverted 4 times from December 2019 to January of 2022. He was scheduled for his first ablation in March of 2022. He decided to do some research which led him to Dr. Wolf. Not only did he cancel the ablation but after speaking to Sandy, watching countless videos of Dr Wolf and meeting him in person for an evaluation, he decided to have the Wolf Mini Maze. Joe has been A-Fib free since then.
D. Piacentile


Posted on November 28, 2023:

10.5 WMM monthsary! Travelled to Malaysia and climbed the very steep 366 Batu cave steps with no issues at all (NSR all the way). Before my surgery, probably 5-7 steps and I’ll be out of breath. A million thanks to Dr. Wolf, his staff, Sandi, and everyone here who provided all the support and answered my questions.


El Mac Tud

Note: To see the daunting 366 steps that he had to climb, hover your mouse over the image! On a phone, tap on the image...


Posted on November 14, 2023:

Sometimes all you need is a Thank You card from a patient to touch your heart and let you know that you are doing the correct thing to help them.

Thank you Carol.

Dr. Wolf


Posted on October 14, 2023:

Just realized yesterday 10/13 was my 7th month since WMM. AFib free and I almost forget what I’ve dealt with. Last week was a 5 mile hike in Davis Mountains! I went this time last year while waiting for my WMM turn and couldn’t do it and was scared with all the rocks while taking Eliquis.

So worth it! No meds now! Thank you Dr. Wolf!

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