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If you’re concerned about symptoms that may indicate atrial fibrillation (a common heart rhythm disorder), now is the time to schedule an appointment with one of the world’s leading experts in this area of cardiology and provider of AFib treatment in Houston.

Dr. Randall K. Wolf, MD, FACS, FACC, is an atrial fibrillation doctor in Texas and pioneer in the field. Dr. Wolf is the inventor of the Wolf Mini-Maze procedure, which is minimally invasive because it relies on highly sophisticated cameras, which are able to go through small protrusions in the ribs. Alternate procedures require separating the ribs and result in much longer recovery times.


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Dangers of AFib

If you’ve noticed that your heartbeat is very rapid (180 beats per minute) as compared to the normal rate of between 60 and 100 BPM, this could be a warning sign. Additional symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath or a fluttering in your chest. 

AFib is detrimental to cardiac performance and can cause pools of blood to clot. When a clot impedes blood flow to the brain, it can cause a stroke. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is the first step toward an AFib cure at the Texas Medical Center or AFib treatment in Cincinnati.

Scheduling an Appointment

You may schedule an appointment with Dr. Wolf in Houston or Cincinnati, Ohio. He has seen patients from all 50 states! Many patients are encouraged to see Dr. Wolf because they’re looking for a viable alternative to taking blood thinners for the rest of their life. 

It is critically important to schedule an appointment and explore your options for AFib treatment in Houston if you think you might have AFib or you’ve experienced the symptoms mentioned earlier. The Wolf Mini-Maze procedure can reduce your chances of stroke by 97%!

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