Wolf Mini-Maze AFib Treatment Testimonials

Patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) from every state in the USA and the world have come to Dr. Randall Wolf for the Wolf Mini-Maze (WMM) procedure. Here are some of their testimonials.


“ Had my surgery yesterday. Amazed at the results. I am completely amazed at Dr Wolf and Methodist Hospital Houston. So glad God guided me here. I was doing a YouTube search about a surgery at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville my EP recommend. Then WMM and Dr Wolf popped up. The more I researched him and the procedure I was amazed....

Watched all his videos he had produced. Then decided to see if i could be a candidate. Long story short I'm in Houston Methodist a day after the WMM. I'm in Normal Sinus Rythm, blood pressure 118/68, 94% oxygen, 92 bpm resting Heart Rate. I was told that this is expected after the surgery and will settle down. Got pain meds one time after the surgery for some discomfort when I breathed but that went away when I started the breathing exercises device they give you. That’s it! no pain meds. I'm free of all the tubes and IV ports.

Meet with Dr Wolf on 8/29 for the Linq. Then head back to West Tennessee with joy in my heart.This site has been a great deal of information and encouragement. Thank all you members that help me through this journey. I told Dr Wolf I don't say this very often to a man but had to tell him I Love You and meant it. Amazing human that has basically given me a normal life.”

— R. Riley

Note: This testimonial is from the WMM Facebook group and has been edited for content.

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