Dear Dr. Oz,

On December 8, 2009, in preparation for double knew replacement surgery my husband, Tony, went to the doctor for his annual (and overdue) physical. Everything went fine until the doctor did an EKG. The test showed the onset of A Fib. The doctor wanted to immediately admit him to the hospital, but Tony didn’t think he was that sick and opted for medication (metoprolol 50 mg and aspirin) until he could be further evaluated by a heart specialist. A Fib affects approximately 2 million Americans and causes an irregular heartbeat and strokes. My father suffered a stroke and spent the last 10 years of his life as an invalid. The medication was making Tony miserable, and doing little control the A Fib. On your show you always advocate getting a second opinion.

Our research directed us to Dr. Randall Wolf at Deaconess Hospital in our hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Wolf performs a surgical procedure called the Mini-Maze, and he offered a free seminar to meet him and explain the procedure. Tony immediately knew it was the solution he was looking for. Dr. Wolf is a top-notch surgeon, with a bedside manner that made us feel comfortable and safe. After scheduling an office visit, Tony had the Mini-Maze surgery done on Feb. 1, 2010. He is now post opt one week, and A Fib free!

You end each show by asking viewers to tell one person what they learned that day. So I am telling you about our experience, and asking you to tell viewers with A Fib that if medication and/or catheter ablations are not working for them that there is a third choice-only this does not just control the A Fib but offers a cure.

It is my hope that you use your show as a forum to tell people about this unique procedure for A Fib.


Linda Ruthemeyer  

— Linda Ruthemeyer

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