Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) Alternatives for Atrial Fibrillation

People often begin looking into Xarelto alternatives for atrial fibrillation because the side-effects of the drugs are too much for them to accept. They read about clotting problems, uncontrolled bleeding and even fatalities. They understand that they may have to stay on these blood thinners for life, making them dependant on them. They also know that their risk of blood clots can go up if they ever stop taking them. There are just so many Xarelto risks for AFib that it’s not a path they want to start down. 

However, they still need some sort of solution. What should they do?

Introducing The Wolf Mini Maze

If that describes your situation, you should know that you can start treating atrial fibrillation without Xarelto. You don’t have to take blood thinners or go on medication for life.

The Wolf Mini Maze is a heart operation that is minimally invasive and has a very fast recovery time. It’s been shown to eliminate AFib for years on end. That means it actually treats the real problem — the irregular heartbeat that leads to clotting risks and strokes. Patients find that their stroke risk drops by 97% when they use the Mini Maze.

With blood thinners, you have to accept the Xarelto risks for AFib without actually curing the AFib at all. You just reduce the clotting chances in exchange for other risks. With the Xarelto alternatives for atrial fibrillation like the Mini Maze, you cure the disorder itself and give yourself lasting good health with no drugs, no medications and no side effects.

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