Pat Ziobro

I wanted to wish you both a very happy new year and good health. After Christmas in Texas with my family I thought about what was the best gift I had received this year. Besides spending the holiday with my family, I knew that I had just finished one year from my surgery without any incidents and my heart is going fine. Thanks to Dr. Wolf I am doing fine and I hope it stays that way.

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Todd & Judy H.

We would also like to thank you for seeing my son on such short notice after he recently learned he had A-Fib. We contacted you on 1/7/2015 while you were working in Texas and made an appointment for my son for 1/9/2015 when you would be back in Cincinnati. You relieved us and my son of his worries knowing what his options are should his A-Fib worsen and who he can go to should he need more help. God bless you for the person you are and the work that you do.

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Charlie Fehrman

One year ago today Dr. Wolf did my surgery and changed my life.

He and I grew up 20 miles apart – who knew he’d do so much for me.  Please tell him I am thinking of and praying for him, his family, and his new venture there with especially grateful thoughts today.

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Steve Mincey

We’re very thankful for everything you did and the significant improvement to my (our) life that your procedure and skilled hands made possible. 

We are back to camping, hiking, biking and playing music with our friends.

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Dianne Luce

Thank you Dr. Wolf for sharing the time and talent God gave you to make such an amazing difference in my life; and thank you dear Lord for so beautifully orchestrating the circumstances and hearing every prayer surrounding this life changing event!!!

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Back To Skiing

A year ago I tried and couldn’t ski due to AFiB. Friday I had a great day skiing and had sinus rhythm the whole time.

Thanks again for your August 2nd procedure.

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Harold W Wahe Jr.

December 2015 my wife and I traveled to Houston, Texas from Cynthiana, Kentucky, so that I could have the Wolf Mini Maze. A year out from surgery I am Afib-free!! I have been given the go ahead to stop my last heart medication! I am in sinus rhythm! I don’t have to return to the cardiologist for a year!! I feel great! I now have the energy to live life and chase after those small mouth bass!

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Kathy Roudebush

Congratulations, Dr. Wolf. I’m nearing my two year anniversary of my Wolf Mini Maze and am on no medications, play tennis weekly and now ride a Peloton daily! I cannot thank you enough. I encourage anyone suffering from AFib to contact Dr. Wolf. – Kathy Roudebush

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