Alice Page O’Dwyer

Just a card to express my greatfulness and thankfulness to you for getting my heart back in rhythm! Finding you was the blessing I was looking for!

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Linda Ruthemeyer

Our research directed us to Dr. Randall Wolf at Deaconess Hospital in our hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Wolf performs a surgical procedure called the Mini-Maze, and he offered a free seminar to meet him and explain the procedure. Tony immediately knew it was the solution he was looking for. Dr. Wolf is a top-notch surgeon, with a bedside manner that made us feel comfortable and safe. After scheduling an office visit, Tony had the Mini-Maze surgery done on Feb. 1, 2010. He is now post opt one week, and A Fib free!

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Tom Haney

I elected to undergo the procedure last November. At present my heart is in sinus rhythm and A-Fib free.

In closing I would like to comment on Dr. Wolf’s “bedside manor.” He treats the individual patient. Even after my procedure Dr. Wolf keeps close tabs on my progress. His patients are always his top priority.

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Danny Carroll

Two months after my surgery I resumed a full exercise regimen, 3 days a week of weight lifting, cycling over 10 miles a day and running 2-3 miles. It has been 6 months since surgery and I ran 5 miles today at 8 minutes a mile. Prior to my Afib I could run 7 to 8 miles at 7 minutes per mile. I am not back to that pace yet but I am thrilled to say I am well on my way and my training continues to increase weekly. I am blessed and excited to resume snowboarding in the next couple of months as well as regularly playing basketball once again.

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John Wilson

I am A fib and A flutter free and have been since October 2003 when I had a cardio version at OSU. I certainly am a proponent of the minimize procedure. It returned me to a quality of life I had before I was diagnosed with A fib. Various medications did not do the trick but the minimaze obviously did.

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Joe Paita

From Aug. 6, 2006 (date of mini maze) my heart beat has been on target. I am truly grateful. I’m recommending Mr. Wolf and staff to anyone with a speedy heart beat.

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Ian Mann

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t take the time to feel my heart beating regularly and thank God for you and your procedure.

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Edwin D. Wilson

I remember the nurse coming into my room a day after the surgery and asking, “On a scale of 10 to 10 being the highest, where would you rate your pain?” I responded, “I would put it at “0” because there is no pain…and there never was. 

I have told many people about the procedures and will continue to do so.

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Dr. Michael Amorini

As a practicing anesthesiologist, I was especially frustrated by episodes of atrial fibrillation while performing long on-call hours. A cardiovascular surgeon at Lutheran Hospital referred me to Dr. Wolf. On October 15, 2007, I underwent the Mini-Maze procedure, performed by Dr. Wolf. I was discharged two days later. Since that time, I have been free of atrial fibrillation. I have also stopped taking coumadin and amiodarone. Dr. Wolf has made a tremendous change in my quality of life.

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Charles L. Miller

Dr. Wolf is now traveling all over the US and a half dozen international sites (including Canada) teaching his new mini-maze procedure. In the US, Medicare and most major medical insurance policies have certified this procedure for coverage. I highly recommend this advanced surgical procedure to anyone afflicted by major, uncontrolled afib problems. Not only will it successfully improve your quality of life, it may also save you from congestive heart failure.

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