I wanted to take a moment and revisit where I started

From: Ollie Ganoung

Date:  Thu, 10/1/2015

Dr. Wolf,

Over 10 years ago I was diagnosed with A-Fib by a Cardiologist. I was told it was no big deal, and to take one Digoxin per day. I did this and never really felt normal, experiencing periodic problems while climbing stairs or exertion of other types. Last November I had pneumonia and was hospitalized. While being admitted, the physician told me they were having a problem getting my heart rate under control and I should re-visit with my Doctor to discuss. The strategy then became having an Ablation procedure with the goal of fixing the problem of A-Fib totally. One of the final tests right as the procedure was about to begin was done with a scope placed down my trachea. It was determined there may be the possibility of my having a blood clot. I asked what my options were and was told I would have to have open heart surgery and ablation was then out of the question. I went down to the San Francisco Bay area and met with the Heart Surgeon who described what his intentions were in correcting my condition. This involved splitting my chest down the middle, stopping my heart, and utilizing a Heart Lung machine to assist my breathing. Then I would be stitched up with what looked like bailing wire and spend 5-6 days in intensive care. While healing, I wouldn’t be able to lift a paper bag for 8 weeks. As I left his office I thought that

“there had to be a better way to do this”

I found your website and the information about the Wolf Mini-Maze on line that weekend. I sent you an e-mail describing my situation and you asked for my phone number. You called me Monday morning and we discussed the possibility of my coming down to Texas for the operation. I sent you my records and we set a surgery date. I met you as planned the day before the procedure and knew then I had made the correct decision in taking this course of action. You are obviously extremely competent, very conscientious, and took a true interest in helping me. I was very impressed that you have successfully done over 1000 Mini-Maze procedures. I watched a Mini-Maze operation on line and your attention to detail was incredible. I liked the fact we could leave my “engine running” and have a less invasive operation.I was discharged after a day and a half. I stayed in Texas a few more days before you examined me and sent me home.

It is now 5 months since the procedure. I went for a follow up with my new cardiologist a few weeks ago and he said:

I am in perfect rhythm and “we’ll see you in six months”. I am off blood thinners and ready to quit the anti-arrhythmic pills.I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and am able to work out normally without being fatigued. I feel great and hope other people with this condition can take advantage of the fantastic medical capabilities you possess.



Ollie Ganoung ... Redding CA.