The purpose of the Houston AFib Patient Experience Seminar is educate the public in an interactive format allowing the audience to engage in conversation and a question/answer format with leading medical professionals. Our list of speakers, panel members, and guest presentations include surgeons, cardiologists, neurologists, as well as testimonials from AFib patients. The goal of the Houston AFIB Symposium is to bring awareness to resources and options available to patients suffering from AFIB and their family members.

A full day informational seminar on the 21st of April at 9:00–16:00 CDT surrounding the topic of Atrial Fibrillation. Presentations, Panel Discussions, and Q&A sessions relating, but not limited to: 
• Blood thinners and other medications used to treat AFib
• Stroke
• Sleep apnea
• Monitoring AFib
• Catheter ablations
• Treatments: advancements in treatment options, alternative treatments, and hybrid procedures.


The Westin Houston, Memorial City

945 Gessner Rd, Houston, Texas 77024

Houston, Texas, USA


You will be directed upon entering the Memorial Hermann medical plaza.  Family and friends are welcome.  Breakfast and refreshments are provided.

For more information call our toll free numbers:

+1 877-900-AFIB (2342) or +1 713-222-CARE (2273)