Savaysa (Edoxaban) Alternatives for Atrial Fibrillation

If you have atrial fibrillation, your doctor may want to treat your condition with a drug called Savaysa, or edoxaban. Savaysa works by blocking some of the clotting mechanisms in your blood to reduce the chance that you’ll experience a life-threatening stroke from your condition. However, Savaysa is not without its own problems and you should know both the risks associated with the drug and Savaysa alternatives for atrial fibrillation treatment.

What Are the Savaysa Risks for AFib Sufferers?

Savaysa alternatives for atrial fibrillation treatment are used in place of warfarin because they are considered less risky and easier to monitor. And edoxaban stroke risks for systemic embolisms or ischemic strokes are lower than that for warfarin users. But “less risk” doesn’t equal “no-risk.”

Savaysa risks for AFib sufferers include the possibility that you can develop dangerous bleeding or suffer a fatal loss of blood. Easy bruising, nosebleeds, rashes, anemia and abnormal liver functions are common, among other problems.

How Is Treating Atrial Fibrillation Without Savaysa Possible?

There are alternatives to edoxaban and warfarin available. Dr. Randall Wolf designed the Wolf Mini-Maze to give AFib patients the option of a minimally invasive procedure that can actually treat the underlying heart condition that causes AFib instead of just managing the symptoms.

Performed via a scope on the patient’s beating heart and designed to close the Left Atrial Appendage, the Wolf Mini-Maze allows AFib patients to live free of blood thinners and drugs like Savaysa while lowering their risk of a stroke by 97%. Superior to the Watchman and Lariat procedures, the Mini-Maze is perfect for patients who hope to avoid open-chest procedures or those who have other risk factors that make it difficult to endure some of the alternatives. 

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