Is AFib Curable | Treat AFib Without Drugs

You’ve been looking for a real cure for AFib. Perhaps you went to your doctor and he or she just prescribed blood thinners or other types of medication. You knew you’d have to stay on them for life. They also didn’t cure the AFib at all. They just treated the symptoms — the blood clots — and reduced your stroke risk.

But what happens if you can’t get blood thinners? Wouldn’t you rather treat the actual condition that is causing the blood clots in the first place? If so, you will want to learn all you can about the Mini-Maze AFib cure

The Beginning of the Wolf Mini-Maze

In the quest to treat AFib without drugs, and knowing that treating the ganglionic plexi helps eliminate AFib, the Maze procedure was born. It creates scar tissue on the surface of the heart. This has been shown to help reduce inaccurate electrical impulses. Doing so helps to eliminate irregularities so that the heart can beat normally. That means that the risk of clotting drops dramatically, which also reduces stroke risks.

However, the traditional Maze used risky open-heart surgery with long healing times and all of the issues associated with major surgery. That’s where the Mini-Maze AFib cure took things a step further. Using clamps and cameras and minimally invasive techniques, Dr. Wolf has turned that major surgery into a fast, safe, effective procedure.

Best of all, this is a true cure for AFib. It means no more medications. It means no reliance on blood thinners. It fixes the actual problem and allows you to live a long, healthy life with a 97% decrease in stroke risk.

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