Eliquis (Apixaban) Alternatives for Atrial Fibrillation

Are you taking apixaban, which is sold under the brand name Eliquis, because you have atrial fibrillation (AFib)? It’s important to know that while Eliquis and other “blood thinning” drugs reduce the risk of blood clots and the strokes that can result from them, they don’t treat AFib itself.

You may not have to continue taking Eliquis. Alternatives for atrial fibrillation treatment are available. The Wolf Mini-Maze is recognized as the superior way to treat atrial fibrillation without Eliquis for many patients.

Dr. Randall Wolf created this minimally invasive procedure, which uses a micro-miniature television camera so that he can see the left atrial appendage (LAA) inside the heart, which is where AFib related-clots form, without having to open the chest. The procedure closes the LAA, which prevents blood from flowing there and clotting. There is little or no post-surgical pain and minimal downtime. Patients can be back to normal physical activity in weeks. Most importantly, the Mini-Maze lowers the risk of an AFib-related stroke by 97%.

What You Should Know About the Eliquis Risks for AFib Sufferers

Like all prescription medications, Eliquis can cause serious side effects, including heavy or unusual bleeding (like nosebleeds, heavy periods or bleeding gums). It can also cause trouble breathing, dizziness and severe headaches, joint pain and chest pain. However, if you’re concerned about the Eliquis risks for AFib patients, you should never stop taking it without consulting with your doctor. There are Apixaban drug stroke risks for people who stop taking the medication without proper medical supervision.

Find out If You’re a Candidate for the Wolf Mini-Maze Procedure

If you’re looking for Eliquis alternatives for atrial fibrillation, find out more about the Wolf Mini-Maze procedure. Dr. Wolf has performed the procedure himself on more than 2,000 AFib patients. Call 977-900-AFIB (2342) or contact us via our website for more information.