Wolf Mini-Maze AFiB Treatment Testimonials

Patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) from every state in the country have come to Dr. Randall Wolf for the Wolf Mini-Maze procedure. Dr. Wolf invented this groundbreaking procedure, which treats AFib without blood thinners or medical devices like Watchman and Lariat. 

Jeff F.

Dr. Wolf, I am still AFib free one year later. My quality of life is improving every day. Thank you again for the procedure last January. 

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Rex C.

Dear Dr. Wolf, On 1-23-2006 you changed my life. That was the day you performed a Wolf Mini-Maze procedure on me at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. I had struggled with Atrial Fib for many years. The medications did not work for me. I had difficulty...

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Chris M

It’s amazing how fast time goes by. One year ago today I had the Wolf Mini Maze (Heart Surgery) to get rid of my Afib. I will start out by saying, for me, Afib was horrible. I was on medication that had terrible Side effects and I never knew when I was going to have...

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Gary P.

I would like to thank Dr. Wolf for his care and input to other doctors. Today I am out of AFIB I had for over 5 years on a full-time basis and congestive heart failure that I had for 6 months until my catheter ablation at the end of June 2020.

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Why the Mini-Maze Procedure Is Superior to Other AFib Treatments

Dr. Wolf has received numerous testimonials from AFib patients who have had the Mini-Maze procedure. Testimonials like these show how life-changing this procedure can be. The greatest benefit is that it reduces a person’s chances of having a stroke by an amazing 97%. Strokes caused by blood clots are the primary danger of leaving AFib untreated.

This minimally invasive procedure carries fewer risks than those that require the ribs to be spread open to access the heart. One atrial fibrillation patient’s feedback noted that he told a nurse after the procedure, “there is no pain…and there never was.”

Patients can get back to a healthy active life after the Mini-Maze procedure faster than they could with more invasive procedures. According to one patient review of the Mini-Maze, “Two months after my surgery I resumed a full exercise regimen, 3 days a week of weight lifting, cycling over 10 miles a day and running 2-3 miles.”

Dr. Wolf performs the Mini-Maze procedure himself at the DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center at Texas Medical Center. Many of our Mini-Maze procedure testimonials mention his bedside manner. As one patient writes, “He treats the individual patient. Even after my procedure Dr. Wolf keeps close tabs on my progress. His patients are always his top priority.”