It’s amazing how fast time goes by. One year ago today I had the Wolf Mini Maze (Heart Surgery) to get rid of my Afib. I will start out by saying, for me, Afib was horrible. I was on medication that had terrible Side effects and I never knew when I was going to have an Afib attack or how long it would last. After surgery, I was in ICU for 2 days and came home from the hospital on day 4. My heart was still jacked up because of everything it went through and at the time I questioned if I made the right choice. My last Afib Attack was on August 12, 2019, so I am saying, for now, the surgery was successful. Today I walk 4 to 5 miles every morning with no issues at all. I had two horrible cardiologists one just put me on meds and never confirmed I was In Afib and the other told me it was stress. Thanks to my Wife Lisa Moody for buying me the Apple Watch that confirmed I had Afib, wear it to this day. Thanks to Dr. Randall Wolf, his nurse practitioner Cindy Rosenbaum and their surgical team for giving me hope and being able to live life to the fullest again. Thanks to Sandra Schrameyer for talking me through the good the bad and the ugly and being able to show me the light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to Brett Kummer for being flexible with my work schedule and allowing me to work from home while I was going through Afib and supporting me with my decision, thanks to all my family and friends who sent positive thoughts, vibes and prayers. And most of all thanks to Lisa Moody and Michael Moody for putting up with me through Afib and supporting me with my decision to have the surgery. They both did not want me to have the surgery but knew it was the best thing for me. After a year of research and talking to many Patients of Dr. Wolf I knew this was the best chance I had to rid me of Afib. Today I am off all medications and feel great. If you suffer from Afib do your research. Listen to your Doctors but most of all, be your own advocate. It might not be right for everyone but it was right for me. Dr. Wolf, thanks for giving me HOPE.

— Chris M.

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