Dr. Wolf,

I just wanted to say Hi! I was the fellow from New Jersey who had a Wolf Mini-Maze on Jan 14th of the year. Two friends from N.J. accompanied me to Houston. I am doing very well after the surgery. I had been told at the beginning of May that I haven’t had any AFIB since March 1st. I am going to follow up with my cardiologist in July.

I am still on 25mg of Lopressor once in AM., also Amadasone 200mg per in AM. I am hoping to be able to get off those meds in the future. I had labs done because of being on Amiodarone. My labs are great!

I want to thank you my Mini-Maze has been life-changing for me. I have lost 25 lb and am much more active. I feel like a new person. Hope you and your family are well. I will keep you updated. Thanks again!

God Bless

— John R.

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