Dear A-Fib Sufferers,

The following is an unsolicited testimonial to Dr. Randy Wolf and the Wolf Mini-Maze.

For years I had battled A-Fib and had undergone the traditional procedures to treat the condition. This included medication, cardio version and cardiac ablation, all with little success. Last summer (2009) I attended a seminar on atrial fibrillation and the Mini-Maze conducted by Dr. Wolf.

I had been in A-Fib for years and had two heart bypasses earlier. The trauma of these previous operations made me a poor candidate for any surgical procedures to eliminate A-Fib. Dr. Wolf explained his procedure and provided me with all options. Probably no other surgeon would have consented to do this surgery since there was such a low chance for success.

I elected to undergo the procedure last November. At present my heart is in sinus rhythm and A-Fib free.

In closing I would like to comment on Dr. Wolf’s “bedside manor.” He treats the individual patient. Even after my procedure Dr. Wolf keeps close tabs on my progress. His patients are always his top priority.

Yours truly,

Tom Haney

— Tom Haney

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