Dear Cintia,

I think you are the only way I know of to get a message through to Dr. Wolf. I hope you are both well and loving the move to Methodist.

He performed his Wolf Mini-Maze on me last summer in June of 2018. At that time I was plagued by almost constant Afib. The procedure went well but during my time in ICU, it became apparent that I needed a pacemaker: my heart had a tendency to fall into bradycardia setting off the Afib and my sinus node wasn’t really functioning properly or at all. Though it wasn’t the outcome Dr. Wolf nor I had hoped for, it seemed the only safe way to proceed. It was his hope then that my sinus node would come back online at some point and that the Afib would be history. Fast forward to last fall when I believe I wrote you most recently. At that point, my Afib burden was about 2% of the time, so greatly improved.

Now, this spring my cardiologist and I are both extraordinarily pleased. Not only is my Afib total burden less than 1% of the time, my intrinsic heart rhythm has returned to normal. Dr. Doucet said that it looked like I didn’t need the pacemaker any longer but that he never removed them. He felt if it was not bothering me, it was nice to have a record of every heartbeat, particularly as I get older—sigh…..

I am beyond thrilled. I am so grateful to Dr. Wolf for working his magic on me. I am back to riding both of my horses, exercising regularly, hiking, walking, water sports, and just generally loving life again. Health is the supreme wealth. I didn’t really appreciate how awful I had felt for so long until I regained my normal vigor, which took almost a year. I find myself saying yes to things and plans that prior to the surgery, I would hesitate because I didn’t know how much stamina I would have. I am truly grateful every day of my life to Dr. Wolf and all of you who were so wonderful to me and to God for guiding me to you. I really feel blessed.

Thank you again,
Sue Weems

— John Barron

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