Dr. Wolf,

I have not been on Coumadin since before the Mini-Maze. I had a bleeding problem about a year before the surgery. Because of my age and lack of other risk factors I felt and my Dr. agreed that it would be best if I came off the Coumadin. That was also one of my deciding factors in choosing your procedure and you to perform it. You didn’t require the Coumadin. My feeling was that if I was prone to bleeding in my leg I could be just as prone to bleeding in my brain so that was a big factor for me.

I have not been on any meds since discontinuing the amio.

I’m not sure what you mean by follow-up monitoring. I have not worn a halter monitor or any thing like that. I had a stress test test about a year ago with good results. In the past it would have triggered an episode but not any more. I have the occasional skipped beat but even vigorous exercise does not cause a problem any more. I can’t tell the difference between a-fib and a-flutter but I can certainly tell when I’m not in sinus rhythm so I feel very confident that I am truly cured.

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t take the time to feel my heart beating regularly and thank God for you and your procedure.

Ian Mann

— Ian Mann

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