Dear Nessie,

I think about you more often than you know. I wonder how your son is doing. But mostly I am forever indebted to you and Dr. Wolf for the care you provided me during my surgery last May. I have been in the hospital several times for athletic injuries but I have never had the type of care I received during my stay in the cardiac unit at the University Hospital. It was well worth the trip from Los Angeles.

Three weeks to the day of my surgery I converted after over a year in constant Afib. My heart continues to beat completely normal, in fact my cardiologist Dr. Bhandari at Good Samaritan Hospital of Los Angeles just gave me a 24 hour halter monitor and when he read the results his nurse said he had only one word to describe them, “Remarkable”. He said he hadn’t seen anyone with Afib as serious as mine return to such a normal heart beat.

Two months after my surgery I resumed a full exercise regimen, 3 days a week of weight lifting, cycling over 10 miles a day and running 2-3 miles. It has been 6 months since surgery and I ran 5 miles today at 8 minutes a mile. Prior to my Afib I could run 7 to 8 miles at 7 minutes per mile. I am not back to that pace yet but I am thrilled to say I am well on my way and my training continues to increase weekly. I am blessed and excited to resume snowboarding in the next couple of months as well as regularly playing basketball once again.

Thank you Nessie for all you did to arrange our time in Cincinnati you were a great blessing to both me and my family. Have a great Thanksgiving.

P.S. This weekend I will preach a Thanksgiving message to several thousand people that will include how grateful I am to be well, THANK YOU and DR. WOLF!

Blessed to have my life back,

Danny Carroll

— Danny Carroll

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